It’s May Big Fix Time!!

Lake County, CA: Orphan Dog Rescue is offering a Big Fix clinic on May 25th-27th  at Robinson’s Rancheria Gym across the street from the Robinson’s Hotel and Casino.

Over 25 volunteer Veterinarian’s and veterinarian staff are coming into Lake County on Memorial Day weekend with the goal of fixing over 200 cats and dogs in three days. This event will be the third that Orphan Dog has brought into Lake County, and the second one this year. This event will also be the largest ever held.

The M.A.S.H. -like clinic will include several health services for Lake County cats and dogs, including spay and neuter, immunizations, and microchips. There will  also be limited health care appointments/procedures only for low-income citizens and tribal members. The cost of the clinic will be about $17,000 (or about $85-$100 per pet), all of which is paid for by donations from Orphan Dog supporters and the community. Participants are not charged for services.

The spay and neuter clinic is open to any Lake County resident and will be by appointment only. Sign ups for the clinic will begin on Tuesday, May 7th on the website The available spaces will be assigned by first come/first served.

The immunization and microchip clinic will be held from noon until 3 pm the 25th-27th. If someone needs a health appointment for a cat or dog, please email to discuss the situation further and to make sure that the need can be accommodated.

The February clinic sign ups indicated a huge need in Lake County for spay and neuter. We had over 270 applications for over 400 animals. 79% of the applicants had incomes below $34,000 per year and 79% of the animals had never seen a vet. Almost 72% of the pets were not up to date on their vaccinations. With those statistics, it is not a surprise that 85% of the pets are not licensed.

Orphan Dog is a 501(c)(3). Beginning in 2003, Orphan Dog has homed over 4,000 dogs, the majority of whom are from Lake County, California and were rehomed in the Bay Area. In those 16 years, we have been unable to adopt Lake County out of pet overpopulation. In 2018, Orphan Dog shifted the focus of their mission to spay and neuter, with the goal of fixing 2020 dogs and cats by 2020.

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